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Willkommen im Taunus

Sports & Relaxation


The Taunus is ideal for hiking.

The low mountains on the edge of the Rhine-Main region are with a lot of well-marked trails crossed.

The European long-distance hiking trail E3 leads through here. It combines the black sea with the atlantic near Santiago de Compostela in spain. The "Taunusweg" takes about the same distance of 140 kilometers. The trail from Butzbach to Kaub is worthy a vacation. Both trails lead passing near Cleeberg.

The trail "Elisabethen Weg" leads directly through Cleeberg. He is a pilgrim path that goes well marked from Frankfurt to Marburg to the grave church of Saint Elizabeth. A rewarding circular walk is the panoramic trail Waldsolms. He is about 25 kilometers.

Or the loop trail from the mountain "Hausberg" near Butzbach. The trail begins to the parking in our neighboring community on the "Oes" between Espa and Hausen. (He is marked with a red kite). The trail follows the valley called Isseltal and then along the forest to Hochweisel. Everything here is what the Taunus has to offer of countryside scenic, even an area with a heath.

While the southern and western part of the Taunus, often through the direct vicinity of the Rhine-Main area, on the weekends especially are crowded, are the north and east still an insider tip for lovers of solitary trails.
Especially when the weather is nice you meet here occasionally hikers to. But you can, if you will, lonely wander off the main routes over the whole day.

We will give you tips for their selection of routes and destinations. A trail map can be found in the apartment.


In the immediate vicinity of our apartment are two horse farms. It is an ideal place for riding. Cleeberg has about 1000 hectares of forest and meadow areas without restrictions for riding.

The horse boarding farm Hof-Jagdhaus horses infinitely large pastures and a life in the herd, as befits a horse. If you put your favorite there and looking for a night in the area, our apartment is for you just right.

The "Reitanlage-Wildhof" offers also riding holidays with riding lessons, horse trips and carriage rides. It also offers rooms for guests but during the holidays the rooms are often occupied.
Our apartment is suitable here is ideal. Even for parents, whose child is doing riding holidays on the Wildhof but still like to spend time together in the Holiday.

For further information please use the links in the link list, or ask us.

Mountain Bike

„These narrow trails are a dream where you can surf happily.
Such a thing cannot be found with us.“

„Yes, here I would also biking, this is all so nice and flat here.“

Two quotes from friends in Switzerland. The second quote is from a friend who comes from the Engadine.

What is true for hiking and for horseback riding is also true for the bike, especially for the mountainbike.
The Taunus is the ideal territory for bikers. There are many and beautiful trails. Still, there are no restrictions or excessive provisions, as in other mountainbike areas. This is in large part probably a fact because biker, rider and hiker are respecting each other. We hope that this will remain in the future.

Unfortunately, the issue is still being processed.


Only about 3 km from the apartment is the 18 hole golf course „Attighof“ which is beautifully situated on the hills.
Here you have a golf course with over 80 hectares of area. The entire area offers a slightly challenging nature trail with differently shaped fairways. The course is very varied.

The golf range has 5 stars in the BVGA classification, the german association for golf. Known is the place for his friendly reception of guests by management and members. On the golf course, everyone can find the right game option, whether novice or professional. Dogs are allowed, but be kept on a leash.


The Association “ASV Kleebachtal Langöns” offers three fishing places near us. In the beautiful valley called Seegrund located in Cleeberg is a pond called “Pfarrerteich” and there is a small creek called “Kleebach”. A small lake in a abandoned quarry in our neighborhood Oberkleen is also a tip for a nice walking tour. The water delights the eyes, depending on the sunlight with blue or even turquoise colors.

The club offers guest tickets and with a club member guests can go fishing. For more information and to contact the ASV, please use our link.

Last Update: 12. August 2018